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Increasing number of blades decreases the propeller fan efficiency. Flying wing with electric ducted fan edf propulsion. Moreover it can be used for a basic training of a jet pilot. An artist and master craftsman by every definition, dave platt was inducted into the model aviation hall of fame in 1996. This plane is a plug n play version and includes the servos, motor, and esc but does not include the transmitter, receiver, battery or charger. The elite aerosports havoc series of turbinepowered rc jets has redefined the ultimate sport jet experience.

These detailed model jet aircraft require a larger flying area due to their size, with some models reaching speeds above 110 mph. The successful realization of the ducted fan propulsion system is however rather difficult. These plans provide details for assembling a glow engine ducted fan system that was designed by noted grumman aircraft aerodynamicist bob kress, in the early 1970s. The airplane with ducted fan propulsion also offers the handling qualities of the jet plane. In the case of rc modelers, the reason for the interest is often estheticthe builder wants to build a realistic scale model.

Speeds of up to 200 mph have been recorded on electricpowered ducted fan airplanes, largely due to the high amount of rpms produced by ducted fan propellors. It is powered by a lycoming flatsix normallyaspirated engine situated behind the cabin and driving a fixed pitch ducted fan. The most common ducted fan arrangement used in fullsized aircraft is a turbofan engine, where the power to turn the fan is provided by a gas turbine. Aerodynamic design of ducted propeller typically consists of four phases. Skywings slick 360 aerobatic plane in 38 with a wingspan of 965 mm is fully assembled as an arf model. Because the use of ducted fans as the propulsion system of unmanned air vehicles is worthy of discovery in achieving vertical takeoff, landing and hovering. Many reported designs failed because of problems with fan. These five rc airplane plans are all by the willingtons websites owner and author, craig tarlington, and are offered in pdf format see the my plans link in the sidebar if not taken directly to page. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Furthermore, the ducted fan uav has been improved by the assembly of two wings on its external duct. Introduction a fan is a device that utilizes the mechanical energy of a rotating impeller to produce both movement of the air and an increase in its total pressure. Before these systems were commercially available many modelers, including mike, pioneered fans. This presentation that was given at auvsi unmanned systems north america 2011 explains the unique benefits of ducted fan.

F9f panther 80 inch wing giant scale rc model airplane pdf plans. Another thing to keep in mind is that ducted fans have much more than 2 blades. Ways of reducing noise of a ducted fan aircraft propulsion. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in interest among both model and fullscale light aircraft builders in the use of ducted fans for propulsion. Comprehensive and practical introduction to all the key aspects of remote control model aircraft design. Qualifies for free shipping fms ducted fan with kv3900 motor, 64mm fmmdf004. The model aircraft was attached to a gimble to allow the tuning of the control systems while in a tethered and safe con. I flew an rc pulse jet powered experimental aircraft in. Development of a dynamic model of a ducted fan vtol uav. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at.

Yak 15 ducted fanaerofred model plans of douglas f4d skyray aircraft had rc fan boat plans article electric ducted fans the electric ducted fan rc jet sabre ic ducted fanaerofred model airplane plansducted fan plansaerofred model airplane plansaxiflo rk 049 ducted fanaerofred model airplane plansaerofred model airplane plansjaunty alouette ducted fan control line article plansfantrainer. A ducted fan is an air moving arrangement whereby a mechanical fan, which is a type of propeller, is mounted within a cylindrical shroud or duct. Superconducting ducted fan design for reduced emissions aeropropulsion article pdf available in ieee transactions on applied superconductivity 193. The dynamax ducted fan propulsion system was designed by leading general electric aerodynamicists and tom cook of jet model products. Ducted fan project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks. Jftech 64mm duct fan unit 5blade propeller prop kit set for rc model ducted fan edf jet airplane aircraft. Furthermore, it was extensively used in the design of commercial ducted fans. The first and foremost will be to provide safety for the personnel handling the uav by preventing any physical contact between the human and the propeller rotating at high speed. The aircraft has twin booms with twin rudders and a highmounted tailplane. Much less design information is available for ducted fans than is available for props. Ducted fan uav modeling and simulation in preliminary design andy ko, osgar john ohanian and paul gelhausen avid llc, blacksburg, va, 24060 with the emerging need for unmanned aerial vehicle with the capability to hover, the ducted fan uav design is becoming a more acceptable design option over the conventional rotorcraft design. Ducted fans are popular with scalemodels of jet aircraft, where they mimic the appearance and feel of jet engines, as well as increasing the model s maximum airspeed.

This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Due to the ducted fan, the aircraft is exceptionally quiet. Electric motors are light, responsive, and can be designed to provide extra power. Likewise, there are far fewer flying examples of ducted fans than of props in ga aircraft. He flew the first successful ducted fan powered rc scale model at the 1975 ama nats in louisiana, using a model and fan unit of his own design. Precision machined parts, the finest carbon fiber plastics and advanced injection molding techniques have made the dynamax fan an industry standard. Hoveys book hovey, 1977, duct for the propulsion system is designed.

The design also features ball bearings and a hardened steel shaft that should result in minimum friction and long life. The hyperflow was created with ease of use in mind, as well as superior. Experimental and computational assessment of a ductedfan. The unique flight characteristics of such vehicles necessitate a design environment that is able to model and simulate the flight dynamics of ducted fan vehicles accurately. Nomenclature 1 blade inlet angle deg 2 blade exit angle deg c chord length m c 1 rotor inlet absolute velocity ms c 2 rotor exit absolute velocity ms c tangential swirl component of the velocity ms c x axial component of the velocity ms d overall diameter of the baseline ducted fan m h rotor blade height rotor tip radius rotor hub radiusm. For the purpose3 of these notes, the term will be taken to refer to a stage contaitnng a row of. The duct reduces losses in thrust from the tips of the propeller blades, and varying the crosssection of the duct allows the designer to advantageously affect the velocity and pressure of the airflow according to bernoullis principle.

Ducted fan uav modeling and simulation in preliminary design. Eflite bl180m ducted fan motor,500kv, 170mm wire eflm30180mdfd. Basics of rc model aircraft design andy lennon air age media inc. Avid llc specializes in ducted fan design and aerodynamics. The hyperflow is a new edf design created by great planes using the latest technology to. Rc jets radio controlled jets edf turbine motion rc. Axiflo rk049 ducted fan full size pdf plans, bitmap, wood 2. Ducted fan design rules of thumb ive been designing, building, and flying rc planes and an rc heli for over 20 years, but im new to ducted fans.

Aircraft lifting and control fans, ventilating fans, fans for 103 speed wind tunnels, and high reaction multistage corn re33ors. This is the motor designed for use with the 80 mm ducted fan unit described above. Mike kulczyk enjoyed the challenges of building and flying scale model jets. In the midtolate 1960s the biggest challenge involved was simulating the jet engine with ducted fan systems. Ducted fan model aircraft plans the best and latest. In aircraft applications, the operating speed of an unshrouded propeller is limited since tip speeds approach the sound barrier at lower speeds than an equivalent ducted fan. Rc airplane ducted fan units horizon hobby by eflite. It is apparent that with the shroud designed for cruise, performance at freestream velocities greater than 100 knots did not decrease from the. Pdf flying wing with electric ducted fan edf propulsion. Ducted fans for model jets paperback september 1, 1989. I recently designed and built my own f86 sabre running on a edf50 with cdrom conversion in it. Turner in general, conventional compressor stages are designed by the cascads method, while high stagger low solidity ductcd fans are designed.

Years of proven performance makes this the obvious choice for ducted fan. Turbofans both rotors and stators ultrahigh bypass engines uhbs. Radio controlled jets and ducted fan rc jets arguably the cutting edge of foam electric aircraft, rc jet airplanes powered by electric ducted fans edfs provide exciting performance and impressive scale fidelity. The ducted fan of reference 4 for the same exit area power loading shpae 28. Mosups program is a unique concept of a joined wing aircraft utilizing a ducted fan in a pusher configuration fig.

The motor is of 6pole design and includes mounting hardware. For a collection of construction articles please see. Unmanned air vehicle uav ducted fan propulsion system. A ducted fan model, a forward swept wing canard, an electric powered aerobatic aircraft, a number of sailplanes and some of the first quarter scalegas engined aircraft projects. The aircraft has a fixed tricycle undercarriage with the nosewheel offset to the left. There are, however, enough good sources of information and tools to get started. A ducted fan will be quieter for a given power level. Turbofan engines are used on nearly all airliners, fighters, and bombers. The main advantage of increasing number of blades is to get higher thrust density, i.

The ul39 and the arrangement of its ducted fan propulsion unit 16. Design and analysis of ducted fan for multirotor vtol uav. Recently, zhao and bil 10 proposed a computational. A ducted fan usually runs at higher rpm than a bare propeller, which helps to make the ducted fan a good match for a high speed engine.

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