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For a house which faces west, the living room must be in the northwest direction. East facing house vastu plan 30x40 home pooja room. Interesting house plan house plan design east facing site homes zone vastu 30 x 40 house plans east facing with vastu picture house floor plan ideas independent house plans in 250 sq yards arts. Vastu shastra languages telugu, hindi, tamil, kannada, english, odissi, gujarati, marathi, bengali, malayalam. Where there are more ambiances in house by sun light there will be more growth or life in health and wealth.

Vastu tips for home and office vastu remedies you can use. Vastu for house the ebook details the world of vastu shastra. Download telugu vastu shastra pdf file from this link. Vastu for east facing house vastu plan for east facing door. Saral vastu shastra all india federation of astrologers societies. West facing houses are or i should say, have somehow become third choice for people. Jan 2, 2017 vastu for east facing plot house plans for 20 x 30 feet east face plot.

Vastu shastra offers guidelines for proper positioning of bathroom to enhance the flow of positive energy in your house. Scientific vastu for west facing house an architect. Our 30x40 east facing vastu home plan better ventilation and climatically designed house. Vastu tips for house main areas vastu for home entrance.

Vastu tips for a happy, positive and ideal home sumadhura. But the fact is that, vastu is related to the energy in by your house. For people who follow vastu shastra rules, the direction of the main door of the house is an important consideration. Ft vastu house plan for a north facing plot size of 40 feet by 30. Pdf vastu languages telugu hindi kannada tamil english. Check these vastu shastra norms, before moving into a rental home. Many ideas that you can apply, but you need to pay attention, not all ideas will be suitable for your condition. East facing houses are the second most preferred homes first choice being north facing ones. Residence vastu construction of residential building in residences, vastu is the most important thing. From ancient times, vastu has been a reliable guide while construction of homes, offices, shops and. Lots facing north and east roads are good for overall prosperity. According to vastu shastra, south facing houses are considered best after east facing houses.

Vastu helps to make your living comfortable in flats and prevent illness and other dangers from creeping into your life or relationships. Vastu shastra principles differ as per the direction, elements and the location of our house. How to password protect documents and pdfs with microsoft. Vastu for east facing plot house plans for 20 x 30 feet east face plot. Vasthu for north facing houses page 1 vasthurengan. It is ideal to cook facing the east side in a south east located. When it comes to purchasing property and constructs a house, people prefer taking vastu tips and then buy the plot.

Vastu house plans designs home floor plan drawings. House plan and design online free download autocad drawings. It is also called as east facing house vastu tips in tamil. Vastu for east facing property vastu tips for east.

The main staircase of the building should be in the south, east, west or northwest corner in a north facing home or flat. The living room can be constructed in the northeast for a house that faces north or east. Vastu house plans vastu compliant floor plan online. The truth is that there is nothing against a west facing house in vastu self styled vastu expert consultants are taking people for a ride. Our customers need to understand that which room should be constructed in which particular direction. South east corner is the ideal place for kitchen and if your house is already built, at least keep the oven at the southeast corner. The reason that a west facing home has become the third choice for many people is the wrong. There are four directions that are east, west, north and south where each direction has its significance, positives and negatives. The article brings some very important guidelines to be kept in mind while planning the architecture of a flat. The vastu effects of east facing plots will be on the male children living in the house. In this vastu for east section we will discuss vastu dosh remedies for east facing house, benefits, advantages, disadvantages and dosh nivaran methods, pros and cons, tips, easy remedies, problems, and different structures, etc. Vastu tips for east facing house building east facing indicates the growth of life which is given by the sun light. A plot facing south of the house may create issues in concordant living and prosperity.

While designing east facing house plan as per vastu, we do place pooja room in north east as it is very auspicious. Get advice on east facing house to ensure the success, peace and prosperity of your dream home. After conversion, you can see that there are following files listed in output folder. The perfect location of a living room is essentially based on the direction your house faces.

Looking for east facing vastu house plan from, now. Indian style vastu for house facing east with modern home design 2 floor, 3 total bedroom, 3 total bathroom, and ground floor area is 1450 sq ft, first floors area is 700 sq ft, total area is 2350 sq ft, contemporary house designs in kerala style including floor. Vastu for living room, vastu shastra tips for living room. Be it north, west, east or south, there are certain plans in vastu to get in all positive energy in your home. East facing plot is best for all type of constructions, whether a house or a business establishment. Vastu house plans east facing house pdf house floor design, modern. Also when seen from the top view it resemble like a well or shallow room. Vastu for west facing house vastu plan for west facing door. The direction of the house or the facing of the house, is the direction you face, while coming out of the house. If this is not measured at the time of planning and executing a house, the entire building may go contradictory to the ideology of. East facingof house, one of the best possible facing houses as per vastu. Thank you for using the download pdf file feature, to.

As per the plan the kitchen should be placed in the south east and cooking should be done facing east, also east direction is considered the best direction for cooking. Vastu for east facing plot house plans for 20 x 30 feet east face plot vastu north facing house layout house and home design vastu shastra in hindi to know ways to apply vastu for safeguarding your family from such negativities, all you need to do is simply to read on. Generally, west facing houses are the third choice. Vastu for north facing house layout north facing house plan 8 vasthurengan com emejing duplex house plan for north facing plot 22 feet by 30 feet 2 30 x 40 what others are saying north facing house plan did you know that north facing house plan is one of the hottest topics on this category. Convert floor plan pdf, sketch or image drawing to autocad by piyushmalewar. According to vastu placement of the tv in the bedroom is not regarded as good but if you are placing the tv in this room you must you must only place it in the south east direction where the comfort of your bedroom would remain intact. Vastu house design, vastu floor plans, vastu house map. If a house is not built according to the rules in the vaastu, all those who live in the house will facex. Vastu shastra tips for east facing plot, east facing house, east facing house vastu, vastu for east facing house, house facing east, vastu east facing house, east facing home, east facing, east facing houses, east facing house designs, east facing house plans, east facing floor plans, kitchen in east vastu.

So while looking for houses, people believe that any east facing home is auspicious. Vastu for south facing house vastu tips for south facing. Miraculous east facing house plans as per vastu shastra. Vastu for flats, vastu guide for flats, vastu tips for flats. Get advice on vastu for west facing house from saral vaastu to maintain the wellbeing and prosperity of your house. Vastu tips for east facing house home property plots. Vastu is not a religion its a science of setting the things correctly and balances the five elements that is earth, fire, water, space, and air to have the maximum benefit out of life vastu, the meaning of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Click on the link above to see the plan and visit architectural plan section. Pop false ceiling design for 17 ft by 20 ft room with wooden planks. The eastfacing house is the one in which the main entrance door open in the east direction. Are you looking for get inspired for vastu house plans east facing house pdf. Best architectural design plans india, east facing vastu.

Vastu for house facing east with 2 storey house plans. The vastu tips may varies from the facing of house directions. A s p i r a t i o n a l v i l l a s ground floor plan 327 sq. Thank you for using the download pdf file feature, to download a correct pdf file, please follow the steps. Get inspired for vastu house plans east facing house pdf. East facing houses are the second most preferred homes first one being north facing ones by a lot of people. People seem to believe that east and north facing plots. There are four direction of house or building facings. In this the main entrance must be at north east corner where the sun energylight moves directly into the house. It is to allow the positive light enter and grace your house. Go through them and know the right vasthu for flats, to make your life happy and prosperous.

South facing properties promote owners wealth and make their minds relaxed and strong in financial matters. However, due care must be taken while deciding the construction. Check these vastu shastra norms, before moving into a. Here, i must tell you that, as per vastu shastra, east facing houses can range from being very. For the optimum confluence of the best of energies, every room has been marked to be located in particular spots as per vastu. Scientific vastu for east facing house an architect. Having said that, heres another fact that most people tend to believe that all east facing homes are equal when it comes to vastu shastra, but thats truly not the case. For instance, the main entrance of the house must face east, the risingside of the sun. If it is against vastu shastra, it will be a spot for all sort of issues, stresses, and no peace.

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