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Safe management of ammonia refrigeration systems january 2016 page 5 of 49 introduction 1. Ueeneej178a apply safety awareness and legal requirements for ammonia refrigerant prepare to work with ammonia apply safe working practices to ammonia refrigerant follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control of ammonia refrigerant ueeneej196a operate ammonia refrigeration plant. Anhydrous ammonia and propane cylinders it has come to the attention of the national propane gas association that propane cylinders are being used in the manufacturing of methamphetamines. Let industrial consultants, llc be your compliance connection. Industrial refrigeration i manual, this course is intended as a comprehensive overview of introductory refrigeration, including practical field examples, and supplemented by an open forum for discussion. Ammonia refrigeration training garden city ammonia program. Danfoss industrial refrigeration solutions offer highly efficient and reliable refrigeration systems optimized for ammonia and other natural refrigerants. At a concentration of only 50 parts per million ppm, one sniff tells what is in the air. Did you work with your government to get safety requirements.

Feb 07, 2019 industrial refrigeration system basics ammonia refrigerant. Many of the requirements of the process safety management standard, 29 cfr 1910. Control and pollution prevention options for ammonia emissions control technology center sponsored by information transfer and program integration division office of air quality planning and standards u. Ammonia1 has been used as a refrigerant in industrial applications for more than 150 years. It is not intended that this bulletin specify where ammonia refrigerating systems are to be used. Ammonia is a toxic chemical most commonly found in refrigerants, cleaning products, and fertilizers. Our training center features a dedicated laboratory to provide handson experience with the various vrf systems, components, and controls. Safe program svsd 0510 salinas valley ammonia safety day. Introduction chapter 1 introduction courtesy of frick background this guide identifies and discusses best practices for making industrial refrigeration systems both energyefficient and productive. Although in wide use, ammonia is caustic and hazardous. Assists employers and employees in identifying and controlling the hazards associated with the operation and maintenance of ammonia refrigeration systems.

Provides is a tutorial and reference book that represents the collective efforts of the most knowledgeable. Industrial ammonia refrigeration and certification training. Guidelines for ammonia refrigeration plant equipment. Asti offers a variety of ammonia specific courses ranging from basic awareness to first responderoperational, as well as technician and incident command. Click on a refrigeration license above to view course details, including the state requirements and course curriculum. An introduction to ammonia refrigeration systems ashrae is a registered provider with the american institute of architects continuing education systems. Industrial refrigeration system basics ammonia refrigerant. Online ammonia refrigeration training courses tpc training. No organization is situated to provide you with a more thorough process safety management audit than gcap. Ammonia, used commercially is usually named anhydrous.

Ammonia piping should conform to asme standard b31. The illustration above is a consumers understanding of refrigeration. The design of safe ammonia systems will be considered from two aspects. Refrigeration systems using ammonia refrigerant and the buildings in which such systems are installed shall comply with iiar2for system design and installation andiiar7for operating procedures. Anhydrous ammonia safety training powerpoint presentations. Established in 2003, meeting industry specific needs. Ammonia refrigeration training reta carocirocres training. Students will receive hands on training in our state of the art lab and modern classroom. The odor is the strongest safety feature of the product. End users of ammonia refrigeration systems are increasingly interested in reducing the charge of ammonia in evaporators and in the overall system in the interest of minimizing. Industrial refrigeration best practices guide 1 chapter 1.

Industrial ammonia refrigeration books ammonia psm rmp. Your customers may not need to go beyond this simple understanding of refrigeration. Refrigeration fundamentals 2175 west park place blvd. Irtc is the premier refrigeration training facility for industrial refrigeration operators and professionals. Training requirements for employees in food storage facility.

Ammonia r717 in the vast majority of cases, with some r22 applications. This course includes handson training in the irtc full scale ammonia refrigeration system which is a fully functional ammonia plant on campus. Ammonia refrigeration systems have traditionally employed evaporators supplied with liquid by either gravity flooding with surge drums, or pumped overfeed either with mechanical pumps or discharge gasdriven vessels. Garden city ammonia program is the worlds leader in industrial refrigeration training. Santa maria, ca 24 hr emergency response december 10.

In this video were going to be looking at industrial refrigeration system basics with a focus on ammonia refrigeration systems, well start at the basics and work our way up covering some typical systems for single stage, two stage as well as cascade systems to help you learn the. Credit earned on completion of this program will be reported to ces records for aia members. Our curated industrial refrigeration training programs can guide you along a learning path that will expose you to topics such as ammonia plants, icf valve stations, and icfd defrost modules. Safe is not designed to be a comprehensive technical training for ammonia handling. Nov 26, 2018 industrial refrigeration system basics, in this video well be looking at how ammonia refrigeration systems work, starting at the basics to understand how industrial refrigeration systems work. Firstly the general requirements of safe refrigeration system design will be considered, based on the accident statistics given in section 2 and secondly the specific additional requirements particular to ammonia. The course includes a history of refrigeration from its beginning to modern, stateoftheart industrial refrigeration facilities. Ammonia refrigeration systems are commonly used in wineries. Our instructors are committed to teaching superior safety and operating skills. Free online training is designed for the enhancement of the ammonia boiler and.

It is normally encountered as a gas with a characteristic pungent odor. Training requirements for employees in food storage facility where ammonia is used solely as a refrigerant. Specialties include ammonia refrigeration operator training, steam boiler operator training, co2 technician training, and psmrmp training. Ammonia, as the base for nitric acid, is an important building block in the manufacture of many chemical compounds such as cleaning fluids, catalysts used in the manufacture of plastics, and process constituents in the synthetic fibers industry. In this video were going to be looking at industrial refrigeration system basics with a focus on ammonia refrigeration systems, well start at the basics and work our way up covering some typical systems for single stage, two stage as well as cascade systems to help you learn the basics of industrial refrigeration. Understanding industrial refrigeration from the inside out. Press release johnson controls opens vrf training center assessment and performance improvement services. Summary of tools and resources in this document this document contains industryspecific information for the implementation of the chemical accident risk reduction carr national enforcement initiative nei.

Control and pollution prevention options for ammonia. Environmental protection agency research triangle park, nc 27711 air and energy engineering laboratory office of research and development. A list of the federal laws and regulations related to process safety, accident prevention, emergency planning, and release reporting may be found in appendix c. Manure pits and any indoor or confined spaces where farm. These programs help prevent incidents as well as mitigate, prepare for and respond to ammonia refrigeration plant emergencies if they do happen. Exposure to a high concentration of ammonia can be fatal. The johnson controls training institute offers affordable hvac, building automation system bas, and variable refrigerant flow vrf training services. Industrial refrigeration training is what we are all about.

Certificates of completion for nonaia members are available on request. This is because it is a reliable and efficient refrigerant with years of safe. Single stage, this is the simplest ammonia industrial refrigeration system other than a direct expansion type, so well start here we start off with the compressor, this is the heart of system and is what pumps the ammonia refrigerant around the refrigeration system to provide the cooling. No matter the amount of anhydrous ammonia in your refrigeration system, it is important to adhere to ragagep. Compressor basic refrigeration cycle evaporator condenser receiver expansion device. Refrigeration fundamentals heatcraft worldwide refrigeration. Ammonia refrigeration videos ammonia safety videos. Sep 21, 2019 iiar ammonia refrigeration piping handbook pdf iiar ammonia refrigeration piping handbook. Anhydrous ammonia is a clear, colorless gas at standard temperature and pressure conditions and has a very characteristic odor. Anhydrous ammonia nurse tank safety the most commonlyused nitrogen fertilizer. Apr 01, 20 at this introductory webinar you will learn the basics of reducing energy use, lowering operating costs and improving refrigeration system reliability.

This guidance may go further than the minimum needed. We ask you to follow and apply all the information provided to you when working and make sure you are aware of the following. Inspection testing maintenance for ammonia refrigeration systems coming soon. International institute of ammonia refrigeration iiar good, but not for er, rather eap they have a series of videos i have not seen. The danfoss product range for the refrigeration and air. Weve amassed documentation on thousands of actual osha citations including the inspectors narrative description of the inspection and the 1bs a document where the osha inspector provides specific details of the deficiency, their understanding of possible abatement strategies and.

Our curriculum combines technical information with a handson approach. Iiar ammonia refrigeration piping handbook pdf iiar ammonia refrigeration piping handbook. This course has a ton of lab time and handson learning. Ammonia refrigeration 3rd party psm rmp compliance audits. Safe management of ammonia refrigeration systems january 2016 page 2 of 49 foreword this guidance has been developed by industry, following the withdrawal of hses publication pm81, to give clear current crosssector guidance on the safe management of ammonia refrigeration systems. Industrial refrigeration basics the engineering mindset. Industrial refrigeration systems explore solutions danfoss.

Writing effective operating procedures coming soon. Work with your airgas sales representative to schedule an advanced technical training for your team working with ammonia. That ammonia is used, in or near your work place, in the refrigeration system, there are serious hazards associated with ammonia exposure, and. It can be a liquid or a gas, and its most dangerous as a gas. Ammonia refrigeration training news page 2 industrial. Ammonia refrigeration is one of the older types of refrigeration that is still used today. It continues to be the refrigerant of choice in many food processing.

Low charge adx ammonia global cold chain expo 2018. Ammonia training offers a variety of courses covering ammonia refrigeration, process safety management, hazardous material technician training, preparation for reta caro and reta ciro exam, basic electricity, c02 refrigeration, cascade systems and many more topics. It is a flammable, corrosive, colorless gas at standard temperature and pressure stp that has a pungent odor. This bulletin providing guidelines for startup, inspection, and maintenance of ammonia mechanical refrigerating systems has been prepared according to the format of the american national standards institute ansi.

Course topics begin with the nature of ammonia and the characteristics of an ammonia refrigeration system, the lessons then cover the various components that make up the an ammonia refrigeration system. This concludes the psm anhydrous ammonia awareness training. Randy williams and the gcap coolcast team provide education for the industrial ammonia refrigeration. Industrial consultants, llc is totally dedicated to assisting you in achieving your compliance goals, taking the mystery out of compliance, and helping you gain control of your safety and training needs. This environment allows students to test their newly learned skills in a supervised setting. Steel piping, fittings, and valves of the proper pressure rating are suitable for ammonia gas and liquid. Ammonia is most commonly found in the following three areas. End users of ammonia refrigeration systems are increasingly interested in reducing the. Course offerings industrial refrigeration technical college.

Gcap has just published the 4th edition of understanding industrial refrigeration from the inside out to continue providing the best possible material for education in the ammonia refrigeration field. Operation of ammonia refrigeration systems international institute of ammonia refrigeration introduction the purpose of this chapter is to provide a reference document containing suggested practices for the operation of an ammonia refrigeration system. Choose a refrigeration program click on a refrigeration license above to view course details, including the state requirements and course curriculum. Ammonia contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of the planet as a precursor to foodstuffs and fertilizers. Gcaps state of art training lab, which has doubled in size this year, has specialized training equipment for testing and learning that is found at no other training site. Understanding industrial refrigeration from the inside out edition 3 and implementing process safety management for ammonia refrigeration edition 5. In an effort to bring consistency to the industry and aid in training and safety efforts, bulletin 114 was revised to also include a suggested color scheme for ammonia refrigeration piping.

Industrial ammonia refrigeration training for operators within our hands on lab. Industrial ammonia refrigeration training text books. Industrial refrigeration system basics, in this video well be looking at how ammonia refrigeration systems work, starting at the basics to understand how industrial refrigeration. Because copper and copperbearing materials are attacked by ammonia, they are not used in ammonia piping systems. The highest levels of efficiency in these systems are achieved through a.

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