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In this episode, as voyager crosses an enormous expanse with absolutely no stars visible in any direction, they encounter local denizens whose home is being. The first one is shot by seven of nine on the holodeck, and the second one is shot by janeway but escapes. The delta quadrant is a pretty terrible place in star trek. Night is the 95th episode of the american syndicated science fiction television series star trek. This is an episode list for the sciencefiction television series star trek. Ironically, while star trek crew and captains have been able to survive decades of adventures, the one thing that seems to take the heaviest toll on this star trek ship is literally nothing. This star trek spinoff won seven emmy awards and starred kate mulgrew as the first female captain. Most importantly for modern star trek fans, voyagers seven of nine, played by jeri ryan, is going to be on the new star trek picard, which debuts on. After voyager is repeatedly searched, the leader of the investigations requests asylum and wishes to defect. Season 1, episode 11 production episode 112 original air date. Crew morale hits an alltime low when voyager must spend two years crossing an expanse devoid of any star systems or signs of life.

A miscalculation by ensign kim causes a fatal crash during voyagers first test with slipstream travel. The q and the grey is the 11th episode of the third season of star trek. Jeri ryan, robert duncan mcneill, ethan phillips, roxann dawson, robert picardo, kate mulgrew, robert beltran, tim russ, garrett wang. Mccoy dan aykroyd encounter network executives elliott gould, garrett morris who announce star trek is. The second half of night is the typical voyager episode, a narrative aiming for that archetypal star trek feel with a metaphor about illegal dumping and the exploitation of weaker societies by the industrialised world. An episode like night reveals a duality that exists within much of. Voyager season 7 episode 6 watch full movie online. In the star trek voyager episode night, there is an error. The show aired on the united paramount network on november 15, 2000. Voyager airing on the upn network, the 12th episode of the fifth season. To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list. A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series star trek.

The show focuses on the experiences of captain janeway during this time. The crew of voyager explore a holodeck program crafted by tom paris, set in ireland, meanwhile voyager encounters a space storm. Captain janeway again holds up starfleet ideals and principles against difficult situations. Hope and fear was the final episode of the star trek. Star trek voyager season 5 episode 1 night trailer. Star trek voyager battle with malon freighter night by rogueant. For us airdates of foreign shows, click through to the futon. I also loved the episode timeless, course oblivion, and the last episode equinox.

Set in the 24th century, when earth is part of a united. Voyager travels through a region of starless space with nothing to do except keep their ship. In this episode, as voyager crosses an enormous expanse with absolutely no stars visible in any direction, they encounter local denizens whose home is being used as a dumping ground for toxic waste by the malon. Sure, it aired at an inconvenient time and night for my central time zone household, but i wanted to be on board that ship from the start of. Voyager season 5 episode 10 while traveling through devore space, captain janeway must hide all telepaths on board in transporter stasis as telepathy is illegal under devore law. Voyager season 3 episode 3 watch full movie online. Cogenitor 2003, a title called the bride of chaotica is one of the movie options for the crews movie night, indicating that the holodeck program is an interactive version of a fictional movie. Passing through a vast starless void, monotony hits the crew hard till a darkness species attacks, mistaking voyager as an ally of a poisonous garbage freighter. Voyager night tv episode 1998 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Four episodes of voyager caretaker, dark frontier, flesh. Voyager, the seventh episode of the seventh season. The episode first aired on the upn network on may 20, 1998. A malon character mentions the events of this episode in the star trek. Voyager series throughout its run, the ending of it all is so very muted, the stakes set lower and the victory smaller. Because the production team on voyager are not particularly ambitious, these episodes almost inevitably fall back into the familiar pattern of star. This is the fourth television program in the star trek franchise, and comprises a total of 172 episodes over the shows seven seasons. It was created by rick berman, michael piller, and jeri taylor, and ran on upn, as the networks first ever series, for seven seasons in the usa, from 1995 to 2001. Grey, who turns 80 years old today, portrayed the alsaurian character caylem, an old, guiltridden man, in the voyager episode resistance. Hope and fear is the 26th and final episode of the fourth season of the american science fiction television series star trek. Set some 10 years after voyagers return to earth, 33 years after its diverted maiden voyage, admiral janeway conceives of a way to change the past and return the ship. Voyager season 3 episode 4 watch full movie online. This television episode is one installment of a science fiction series involving a spacecraft trying to get back to earth from the other side of the galaxy.

Fifteen years in the future, survivors chakotay, kim and the doctor attempt to send a message back in time to prevent the tragedy. It originally aired from january 1995 to may 2001 on upn, lasting for 172 episodes over seven seasons. In fact, broken bow, the twopart premiere episode, gets things going off to a great start before. Night is the episode where voyager gets stuck in an area of space that does not have any stars, planets, or any signs of life for a very long. Directed by winrich kolbe, it was developed from a story by rick berman, brannon braga and joe menosky into a teleplay by menosky and braga. Voyager guest star joel grey busy as ever at 80 star trek. I highly recommend star trek voyager to all science. In night, voyager is travelling through a void where theres nothingno stars. The plot beats and reversals come thick and fast, with no room to. Fair haven is the eleventh episode from the sixth season of the science fiction television series star trek.

Crew morale hits an alltime low when voyager must spend two years crossing an expanse devoid of any stars or signs of life. Star trek voyager battle with malon freighter night youtube. With kate mulgrew, robert beltran, roxann dawson, robert duncan mcneill. Drone is the 96th episode of the science fiction television series star trek. Voyager is rarely held up as the high point of the trek franchise, but these five delta quadrant dumpsterfires are indisputably the lowest episodes of the low. Voyager is investigating a protostar that has unusually intense photonic energy. In some areas without local access to upn, it was offered to independent stations through paramount pictures, for its first six seasons. In this clip from the june 29th episode of robot chicken, we find out who runs the bridge of the enterprise after picard guest star patrick stewart goes to bed. To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit. Oct 14, 1998 watch full episodes on cbs all access.

The episode is quite beautifully shot and directed. The fifth series in the star trek franchise, it served as the fourth sequel to star trek. Oblivion, the duplicate voyager that was created on the demon class planet made it to the same location as the actual voyager which a few episodes earlier traveled 20,000 light years with the help of a borg transwarp coil. Generally enjoyable, worth watching if new to star trek. Watch free on 123movies, gomovies, gostream or 123movieshub new link. Voyager is an american science fiction television series created by rick berman, michael piller, and jeri taylor. Voyager enters a vast region of space with no stars or systems. Joel grey is many, many things, among them a tony winner, oscar winner, grammy winner and a star trek guest. Night episode 1navigating a dark void of space with no stars or star systems, janeway and the rest of the crew develop a bit of existential cabin fever. It would seem that only one of the ships would have gotten the transwarp coil since that happened well after the crew was cloned. The crew of the 24thcentury spacecraft uss voyager deal with a cyborg, played by guest star j.

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